Cynthia Samuel’s Passion for Justice

Cynthia’s life is proof of the power of hard work, dedication, and intelligence. She grew up in the Tremé, one of seven children in a single-parent home. She knows first-hand the ravages of crime, and will never forget the bullet that pierced the bedroom wall of her childhood home. A very bright child, she was instilled early on with a passion for justice and knew that education was her way to a better life. Cynthia worked her way through Delgado and the University of New Orleans. Recognized for her scholarly merit, she went on to law school at Loyola University.

Even while in law school, professors and classmates recognized Cynthia’s knowledge of and passion for juvenile justice. As an attorney, her reputation has grown and she is recognized all over Southeast Louisiana for her knowledge of juvenile law. She has presented and trained at conferences, and assists court systems in reform efforts. Cynthia Samuel is a remarkable juvenile lawyer who will be a great juvenile judge.